AWM Services



The AWM Financing team assists in providing business and working capital loans from Institutional & Chartered Banks. With AWM, you will be able to leverage our long standing relationship with lenders to get the lowest interest rates.

New Business Loans

Our Business Financing Program has been helping small businesses with their financing needs for over 5 years. Discuss your business needs with us today.

Refinance Currently Owned Equipment

An ideal product to translate your unencumbered (free of finance) equipment to generate cash that can be used either as working capital or to grow your business. Let us help you assign the most appropriate value to your assets and discover cash that can be used for various business needs.

Working Capital

Unable to generate the revenue needed to meet expenses incurred by day-to-day business operations? Then, you need a working capital loan. This will help you meet your daily operating costs while focusing on growing your dream.

Agriculture Loans

The federal government has established the Canadian Agricultural Act that allows farmers to obtain financing.