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Aldridge Wealth Management is your one stop for all your financial needs. The AWM team understands the uniqueness of its clients and uses its expertise to provide consultancy in ensuring its clients’ financial freedom. AWM focuses and prides itself on helping clients meet their financial goals through attaining financing or through making investments. We offer the following services:


The AWM Financing team assists in providing Business Financing. Whether you are starting a new business venture or are looking to expand your current business operations, we can offer you various products.


AWM Investment only deals in a single portfolio: Real Estate Development Projects. We provide safe investments where you are able to see your investments grow in real estate. 


The AWM Film Production Team provides expertise in financing Film Making Projects. Film Making Projects provide investors unique and creative opportunities to earn great ROIs.

Wealth Management and Financial Strategies

With Aldridge Wealth Management, you will be able to leverage our long standing relationship with lenders to get the lowest interest rates. 

Aldridge Wealth Management’s Investment team will guide you towards how to find good investment properties by analyzing numerous important factors. We deliver our investors very high Annual ROIs.

The Canadian Small Business Loan Program helps business owners with gross annual revenues of less than $5M obtain financing. This Government backed program allows business owners to obtain a maximum loan of $500,000 where $350,000 can be used to finance lease hold improvements and equipment.

The federal government has established the Canadian Agricultural Loans Act that allows farmers to obtain financing.

If your business is at least 2 years old and you require assistance in filling gaps in cash flow or want to expand inventory, you may qualify for a loan.

There are A & B institutions for machinery and equipment. This product specializes in financing and leasing equipment and machinery.


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